Friday, July 31, 2009

When Dad's Away...

On Brent's recent out of town trip, we went to Grammy and Granddad's for a few days. The weather was cool, allowing us to do many things outside that are usually not possible in late July.

A boy and his horse

Why not try to get a little closer?!

The artist at work

An overnight rain made the creek a perfect place for morning play.

Notice his shirt- "100% good 10% of the time"


Watching prairie dogs with a mouth full of cracker.

Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge


Joan said...

Oooh, I love the Wichitas. We haven't been there for quite awhile. I am pretty sure I have a pic of the girls on the rock Lillian is on. I also have a pic of my kids on the lion statue at the zoo...same one your kids are on!

Trace and Sarah said...

What great pictures by the creek...I also love the new family picture on the sidebar, you all look beautiful/handsome!

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