Monday, July 27, 2009

Wedding Weekend

Wedding festivities began Friday with a bridal luncheon I hosted at Inspirations Tea Room.

The bride, Heather, and Lillian, the flower girl

I love these paper lanterns! I'm thinking about hanging some in Lillian's room. What a fun room to have lunch!

Wedding Day!

No photos of the bride and groom together. Professional photos will be available soon.
Congratulations Heather and Jesse!


Melinda said...

What a fun weekend! And don't you all just look so lovely!

the.fortes said...

How fun! The she your sister? I was confused and thought it was you in the wedding gown and it was an anniversary post (don't ask...I think I am losing my mind). You all look fantastic!

Amber said...

Great family picture! And I love the lanterns, too.

Lillian needs to fill Grace & Claire in on the flower girl situation. They are going to be flower girls in December, and were keenly scoping out the wedding we attended this weekend for proper flower girl behavior. However, there were no flower girls in this wedding! We will need her to give us some pointers. I'm sure she did a great job.

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