Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moving Preparations

Celebrating Brent

Brent celebrated 10 years with his company this month. We were invited to a nice dinner where he received an award of recognition. Quite an accomplishment!

4th of July

I'm finally getting around to making this post! The holiday weekend was hot, rainy, and humid. The few pictures I took reflected the moisture in the air. It stopped raining long enough to shoot fireworks. Lucas is sporting a black eye in this picture. I really never got a good shot of it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tulsa/Bartlesville Part 2

We left Tulsa and traveled to Bartlesville where we saw Heather and Jesse's new house. As I was posting these pictures, I realized we didn't take a picture of them, together, all weekend!

Here's a sampling of what we did:

Train engine- Lucas was in heaven!

Kiddieland Park- all tickets were 25cents and usually took only 2 tickets to ride anything

Tulsa/Bartlesville Part 1B

On Saturday, we visited the Jenks Aquarium.

Inside the shark tank

waiting to touch a stingray

Tulsa/Bartlesville Weekend, Part 1

I have fallen behind on my blogging so this post should have been made 3 weeks ago. Since Heather and Jesse moved to Bartlesville, we can make one sweep of the side of the state and see 2 siblings in one trip. And that is exactly what we did!

We started by stopping in Tulsa to see Ty and Lindsey. They took us to a really cool park by the river Friday night. The kids enjoyed getting wet and playing on unusual playground equipment.

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