Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We enjoyed a busy few days for the Thanksgiving holiday! Here is the table at Mom and Dad's house:

Lillian and Lucas helped with cookie baking.

Brent and I pose for a rare picture together.
We also enjoyed Thanksgiving with Brent's family on Friday. I did some Black Friday shopping that morning and, in my tiredness, forgot to take any pictures.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tooth Fairy's First Visit

The wait is over! Lillian lost her first tooth on a Friday night, sometime in September. I didn't write down the date! Arggghhh......!! Since this picture she has lost a 2nd tooth on the bottom and both top teeth are loose. She will surely be singing "All I Want For Christmas Is My 2 Front Teeth...." by December!

(She left a note for the Tooth Fairy to leave the tooth behind for her tooth bank. The Tooth Fairy obliged.)


For my own benefit, I feel the need to document our final weeks at 1901 Twin Spires Trail. The next few pictures are for our family scrapbook and there aren't too many because we were too busy to take many pictures.

This is how we lived during the 2 weeks I spent packing.

Mom and Lillian painting her new room- it's lavender!

One special thing we did was let each kid do a Build-a-Bear to have as a "moving buddy". Lucas made a horse; Lillian made a kitten. Since their toys were packed and the transition unnerving, it made the move easier on both kids because their "moving buddy" was always with them.


Now that Thanksgiving Break is here, I MUST update this blog! The first thing I did this morning was to revamp my list of inspiration and fun ideas. When you have a minute (or 10) to browse these new sites, you will be in for a treat!

2 sites are by art teachers who cater to the 12 and under crowd. There are some amazing projects there and many would make good Christmas gifts for grandparents. My favorite is Zulily! It offers daily deals on top brand clothing for kids and women. Adorable stuff!

Has anyone else noticed the blogging world slowing down with the explosion of Facebook? I know some of my daily thoughts and musings have made their way to Facebook instead of here. Just an observation...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rise and Shine

Lillian's 1st grade class led Rise and Shine at her school's Monday assembly. She did such a good job reciting her lines! I enjoyed getting to see her on stage.

More Halloween

We went to Grammy and Granddad's after trick-or-treating at a few houses. Nathan and Wade were there- they were dressed as Shrek and Puss-in-boots. SO cute!

Sunday- we went to Chickasha to visit my friend, Jennifer, and her kids. Her church was having a trunk-or-treat so we went to join the fun!

I had never been to a trunk-or-treat before, but I was so impressed with the coolness of an event like this. Every car was decorated and had games for the kids to play. They came home LOADED with candy! It was a fun night!

Halloween 2010

Lucas at his school party- he's with his buddy, Grady



This is what no nap the day of trick-or-treating will get you...
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