Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break

Between rain showers, we decided to try some fishing.  I went along as photographer.  It took about 40 min to load the gear, get the worms, drive to the pond, and bait the hooks.  They had their poles in the water for about 15 min when the rain started.  It was a little sprinkle at first but became heavy in a hurry.  Lillian and I retreated to the car; Brent and Lucas fished in the rain for a little longer, but eventually gave up, too. 

This is the only proof that we fished on Spring Break.  And, by the way, one caught anything.

Mello Yellow

Lillian taking a ride in the old yellow truck- some have dubbed it Mello Yellow.

Spring Flowers

These are some of the flowers at my parents'  house this spring.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Soccer Life

Lucas really wanted to play soccer this year, so we gave in to his wish and hoped he would run off the excess energy.  So far, he has not seemed to be any more tired than before, but we can still dream!  He has already had two games and I'm pretty sure their record is 0-2.  They aren't the best team around but the kids do have fun.  He picked #4 for his uniform.  Why? Because he is 4.  That's the only logic I can figure out for his choice in numbers. 

Hello 2012!

Whoa!  Somehow, it is March 22 and I haven't made a single post this year.  Several posts coming right up...gotta love having the option to post ahead!
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