Thursday, July 9, 2009


While the kids are gone, I've worked on their room decor. Lillian's room has really come together with the addition of the polka dot comforter. You may remember last summer's redo. Lillian picked out the comforter and rug from Walmart, but they didn't have a full size. I decided to pick one up while she's gone and surprise her tomorrow. Hope she likes it!

This is what I have picked out for Lucas' room , but the exact plan is still forming. I love love love the cowboy fabric! Both patterns are from Hobby Lobby but a neat fabric store in Guthrie called Extra Special has bolts and bolts of western fabric. It was almost overwhelming! They also carry many other novelty fabrics not seen in regular stores. And they will ship any order!

I have plans to make a valance for the window to go with the denim curtains already there. The quilt was made by Brent's grandma; it's blue and red. I think I'll use the Wallies of horses to decorate the walls and possibly cut out some of the cowboys from the fabric and include them as well. Anyone tried that before?

I'll post a picture once it's complete.


Jacob and Amy Hall said...

cute, cute she will be so happy! I love what you have picked out for lucas. That is what we were going to do for Cooper but I just could never make up my mind! I can't wait to see the pictures!

Trace and Sarah said...

Lillian is going to love that surprise! It looks great. Very cute ideas for Lucas' room, too!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I wish I could see Lillian's reaction. I bet she is going to be so excited!

Joan said...

Lillian's room looks really cute! I love the theme for Lucas's room too.

Thanks for the link to the fabric store in town. I think I may have walked right past it! When we get back from vacation I am going in!

Melinda said...

Too cute! I absolutely love polka dots and I bet Lillian is going to be ecstatic!

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