Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Room Redo

I made a valance out of the cute cowboy fabric and added the cowboy hat he wore for his first birthday party. The horses go all around the room; they stick like wallpaper and are called Wallies.

Made a pillowcase out of the same fabric- need to make one more
View of his room from the door- there's tons of stuff in this room but it's functional and still leaves room for play. Shelves on the walls are needed to house decorative and keepsake stuff. I want more wall decor to play up the cowboy/horse theme. I have about 2 yards of the cowboy fabric left and I need ideas of how to use it. A wallhanging is all I can come up with but that seems so unoriginal.

I had dreams of painting a rail fence but, hey, my talents are limited to fabric!


Trace and Sarah said...

Love it!

Joan said...

That room is so cute!

Mindy said...


You could use the fabric to cover a bulletin board to display his pictures, artwork, etc.

Melinda said...

So cute, Amy!! Great job!

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