Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rock Hound In Residence

Finally! I found a way to store her rock collection while allowing it to be viewed and contained! I bought a plastic storage container that will slide under her bed. Lillian spent this afternoon organizing her rocks.


Joan said...

I love those boxes. Hannah has one under her bed for art work and supplies.

Oh, by the way...congrats on winning the contest. I'm so jealous!

Amber said...

Now this is a GREAT idea! Grace & Claire are both into rocks. I have been storing them in a flower pot in the garage (and stealing them when I pot plants). Lillians look a little cleaner and varied than ours. I may have to borrow the idea.

the.fortes said...

Did you know that Dale and Betty are REALLY into rocks? You should chat with them and maybe they will show Lillian some cool things. They have quite a collection.

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