Thursday, August 13, 2009

One Last Fling

I took Lillian to the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History today as an educational start to the school year.

Yeah, right... we really just took advantage of having a day without Lucas who has started back to Ms. Jewel's!

Dino Dig in her favorite room, the Discovery Room

Lillian standing next to a 700lb thigh bone of a dinosaur.

Here is the real reason we went- the dinosaur skeletons!


Joan said...

Believe it or not I was researching that museum as a field trip for my class tonight. I have never been there.

Melinda said...

We've been meaning to make it out there, but with Beau still being young...well, you know how that is : )

Amber said...

I took my 3 girls and my niece about a year ago. I was really impressed! I thought it was a great museum.

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