Sunday, May 10, 2009


Let me just say I have become addicted to texting with my new phone. I lived in the Dark Ages until I recently added texting to my phone plan. So how does this connect to the picture?!

Well... I was replying to a text message while the kids were playing outside. Lucas pushed his car to the street and Lillian took off on her scooter to bring him back. As I stepped out the back door, death-like screaming echoed through the neighborhood and Lillian ran back to the house, holding her leg. The damage consisted of road rash. Was she riding her scooter with only her panties? No, she was wearing a skirt. It took much convincing to get her to remove the skirt for treatment. Brent thought I'd want a picture for the blog so he snapped a shot before we bandaged the top of her leg/bottom.

Happy Mother's Day to me! She wanted me to help her clean it up and me to sit with her while she watched tv for 2 hours after the accident. I was pleasantly surprised because Brent is usually the go-to person for sympathy after a crash.

For some unknown reason, today was my day.


Melinda said...

Awwww - poor girl. That does look like it hurts.

I am cracking up that Brent would think you wanted a picture for your blog! How did you get him trained so well? ; )

Amber Davis said...

oh yuck no fun at all!

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