Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Field Trip

While most of my readers will be blogging about Memorial Day adventures, I need to play catch up from the past month.

When I started this whole bloggy thing January '08, I needed something to do while on maternity leave. I wanted to capture the little moments, the everyday stuff. I've found that the blog has ventured away from that at times. That's not a bad thing; it's just not what I wanted and I need to refocus. With that in mind, allow me to "back blog" a little to chronicle the happenings in our family.

Lillian's field trip this year was to the zoo. Imagine that! How original! Please note the sarcastic tone...

It was so fun for her to go with classmates and I enjoyed going without Lucas! Don't tell him I said that. It was her first time to ride a school bus. I wish I had a picture of her face when the bus turned the corner and she about fell out of her seat. Made me realize how badly buses need seatbelts...

The only ones left after a day in the heat/humidity.

Lillian, Taelor, and Clayton

Background: Taelor went to Kiddie Kollege with L, then they ended up in the same pre-K class. They adore each other!


Sweet Simplicity said...

I know how much you all love the zoo! :) Look at how much taller she is than the other kids. I'm always so fascinated by how tall she is getting...probably because I was that really short kid in the pic.

Melinda said...

Jack gets to go to the zoo with his pre-k class next year too...yay (insert sarcasm here as well).

And yes, buses do need seatbelts!!

Trace and Sarah said...

She is so tall! It brings back memories from my kindergarten days!

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