Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Happenings

First of all, I need to come up with a catchier title for weekend events but since I don't have one , this is as original as it gets. I finally got the hint that Lucas was ready for more than cereal when he stared at every bite of food that I put in my mouth and opened his little mouth, thinking it was for him. He tried squash Friday night for the first time. He wasn't sure at first, but quickly decided it was okay.
Lillian had another first this weekend when she had her hair cut professionally. She and I went to the Cost Cutters in Guthrie where she bravely allowed the stylist to wash and comb her hair. The picture doesn't show it very well, but she had 3 inches cut off. Her remark after getting back in the car? "When can I get my hair cut again?" I guess that means the trip was a success.
We found this nest with 3 eggs one evening last week. Much to our surprise, it had 4 eggs the next day. We have seen the mother sitting on the nest several times a day. Our nature lesson is to watch the progress and maybe witness the hatching. This nest is in the grass so we have marked it with stake so Brent doesn't mow over it.
Lillian and Lucas on Saturday
Our friends, Jared and Paige, came over Sat. night with their 3 boys, Thompson, Bode, and Cooper. They are 4, 2, and 1. Lillian plays well with Thompson and all of the kids liked riding bikes. Lucas will be able to play with Bode and Cooper next year. For now, Cooper borrowed Lucas's walker while he took a nap.
Lillian frequently says that Lucas is her best buddy in the world. We think this is so sweet right now but I know that feeling won't last forever. This story does show how much she enjoys having him around. She woke up Sat. morning and peeked her head into our room. I told her to check on Lucas because I could hear him "talking" in his bed. After enjoying a few more minutes of rest, I decided to go check on them. I found Lillian in Lucas's bed, reading him a book. He was peacefully listening to her and chewing on his blanket. I didn't get a picture but that will stay in my mind for a long time, watching the 2 of them enjoy each other on an early Sat. morning.

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