Monday, May 19, 2008

Lucas: 5 months

Lucas is now 5 months old. The last post showed him trying veggies for the first time. That is old hat to him now; he polishes off a jar with ease. Lucas wants to sit on his own in the worst way but he is still top heavy. The best he can do is use the boppy for support. Sometimes, he gets to leaning one way and falls over. That makes him mad- kinda like a turtle.
Hand eye coordination is improving daily. He reaches for anything that catches his eye. Eyeglasses are a favorite target!
Still drooling like a waterfall but no teeth yet. Clothes seem to be shrinking as his belly grows as quick as his length. 3-6 month sizes for onsies and sleepers won't last long!
Lucas, Lillian, and Daddy

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