Saturday, May 31, 2008

Someone Please Remind Me To Never...

Remind me to never:
1). Go to Target alone with 2 children in tow.
2). Go to Target alone while my dear husband satifies his deep rooted love of farming by taking a few days to harvest wheat.
3). Did I mention the list I created was long enough to rival Santa?
4). Oh, and Lucas decided to not nap on the way which meant he wanted to be held during the adventure in the store.
5). Yes, I carried him and pulled a grocery cart destined to top the greatest dollar amount spent at Target by the Young household.
6). Don't talk to the woman from church who has 5 kids but is at the store with only 1 because it makes me feel like a whimp for barely surviving with 2!
7). Finally, someone please remind me to never forget to cherish these days. Lillian asked to go to McDonald's afterward and I gladly said yes, thinking it will save me having to fix lunch AND unload groceries when we got home. She said, "Oh, thank you, Mommy! This has been the best day ever!"


The Davis Kids said...

I feel for you. It seems my trips to anywhere lately have taken on the same quality.

And as for that woman from church, I frequently see her out & about, but never with all her children. I think she must be smart enough to never go to the store with all five.

And I'm glad school's out for you!

The Brown Box said...

Isn't that so true--the days that make you feel like you are going to pull you hair out are the days our kids treasure!

the.fortes said...

Let us know if you ever need anyone to watch the kiddos if you need to run to the store:). I have written down your decrees and vow to not go shopping ever again after we have our baby...just kidding.

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