Sunday, May 4, 2008

3 L's: Lessons Learned From Lillian

With a little bribing, we convinced Lillian to let us sell her swingset in our garage sale. The bribe involved buying "something big for the backyard." To us, that meant a trampoline; to her, that prompted a whole list of requests including a motorized Barbie car and a "big, big swingset." She did NOT include trampoline in her list of requests. We didn't mention it for several days and then decided that parents know best . Brent picked up the trampoline Friday and brought it home to surprise Lillian. The other things were forgotten in her excitement over the trampoline. Lesson(s) learned: #1 Just because it makes you excited, doesn't mean your kids will be. #2 Letting a 4 year old have a part in a decision like that isn't always a good idea! #3 Reading directions is a good idea.

She helped Brent put it together Friday evening and had time to jump on it before dark.

Cousin Cole came over to check it out Sat. night.
All in all, Lillian loves the trampoline. She spent several hours outside Sat., enjoying the cool temps. and jumping. It's good exercise, too!


Brandon Family said...

Wow! Looks like a lot of fun! And your yard is huge!! It is fun to see what is going on these days!

Chrisie said...

Love the new look of the Blog. Cole had a blast on the trampoline and playing with Lillian.

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