Friday, May 23, 2008

Picture Bible Revisited

Lillian and I have started a new nightly ritual. We read several pages of an old favorite of mine, The Picture Bible. I'm sure Grandma Joyce remembers how many times I read through it as a child. She kept a record and promised $50 for each cover to cover completion. It was saved until I went to college then I had a surprise waiting in my mailbox each month in the form of a check. Sadly, my copy is held together by masking tape. The pages are falling out and the cover is ragged. Since I loved the book so much, I "borrowed" my brother's not so well loved copy to keep on my bookshelf. I started showing Lillian the comic strip story of Adam and Eve. She was hooked! We read several pages every night. It might take several months but we will make it all the way through the Bible by the time we finish. Definitely worth our time! My favorite Bible story is, and always will be, about Esther. That is due, in part, to the beautiful pictures of her as queen in the Picture Bible. I hope Lillian enjoys it as much as I did.

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The Davis Kids said...

That is such a great idea. I especially like the idea of a reward for every cover-to-cover reading.

Maybe sometime you could show me the picture Bible? I've tried to read children's Bibles with Grace, but haven't had a lot of success.

You are a great Mom!

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