Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend 2008

We started the weekend in Apache with Grandma Charlotte and Poppa. Charlotte snapped this picture on Sat. The wind was blowing and the humidity was out of sight. We look a little sweaty and windblown!

On Sat. evening we went to the historic community of Medicine Park. The cobblestone buildings and unique stores make it a popular tourist stop. Growing up in the area, I didn't appreciate the uniqueness of the town. Now, it is an enjoyable place to spend an afternoon or evening. Brent took this picture of a tree that has to be 100 years old. It is hard to get a feel for the size but if you look in the bottom left corner, you'll see me and Lillian.
Grandma Charlotte and Poppa with Lucas and Lillian
Sunday night brought us to Trace and Sarah's house in Elgin. Trace smoked a delicious brisket and we enjoyed spending the evening with them. Brent made me take a picture of the brisket because it was Food Network quality but I drew the line at posting it on the blog. I don't need a slab of meat taking of picture space! Trust me-- it was good.
We got to Grammy and Granddad Doug's late Sunday night, but that didn't stop Lillian from being up at first light to check out the new tree swing. She decided it is better than her old swingset.

Granddad talked Brent into taking a lift from the front end loader to secure the swing to a higher branch.
Monday was spent in Maysville with the Brown family. Brent got to spend time with his cousins and the kids (2nd cousins) were happy to renew their friendship. This is Cole Young, Lillian, and Winston Brown.
Wyatt, Winston, Lillian, and Cole intently watch the lone fish in Rhonda's pond. That's my arm holding Cole's shirt. He would have walked right in if someone didn't hold him back.
Lillian shows off her Young strength when she takes on the Brown boys, Wyatt and Winston. She held her own despite the odds. It must be that "I can't lose!" mindset that she gets from my side of the family!

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