Friday, April 10, 2009

Housecleaner, Anyone?

While practicing for the "Big Hunt", Lillian discovered a moldy painted pumpkin left from Halloween. Obviously, I should be careful of how many real eggs I allow to be hidden around the house this weekend!


Sweet Simplicity said...

OH NO! That is so funny!

Melinda said...

Oh gross!! : )

Amber said...

That cracks me up! Yet makes me feel somewhat better about my housekeeping skills. Your house always seems so clean when we visit!

By the way, all these great recipes your posting? I only got two back when I sent it out. I guess my friends don't cook. I'm copying down your ideas, though.

Brandon Family said...

Oh no! Glad you could still recognize what it was! It could almost pass for a mouse. Ha!
Good luck with the egg hunt!

Amber-Sorry...I didn't do the recipe swap. You are right, I don't really cook.

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