Tuesday, April 28, 2009

89er Days

When we went to the carnival, we decided to buy the $20 arm band since last year we spent that much buying individual tickets. The rides are 3-4 tickets per ride- highway robbery if you ask me. Well, we might have used $20 this year. Lillian just wasn't that interested.

Braving the slide

A worried look

Lucas did fine in the stroller for about 5 minutes

A favorite

As with all small town affairs, you see many people you know. Of course, my students were everywhere so I talked to them (as if I hadn't seen them enough that day!). But, we were fortunate enough to run into Lillian's former babysitter, Ms. Kim. She was with her daughter, Alleyna. Kim couldn't believe how big Lillian was and we made plans to get together this summer. It was a beautiful evening with the family!


Melinda said...

That looks like so much fun! I look forward to our small town fair every year.

Suzanne said...

that slide looks AMAZING!!! so fun!

Sweet Simplicity said...

How fun! Thats some pretty elaborate face painting.

Trace and Sarah said...

Fun...Lucas sounds like Nathan in the stroller. Lillian's face painting is beautiful.

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