Saturday, March 21, 2009

So Much Alike!

If I asked you to tell me which kid was in each picture, you could probably do it if you studied the details. But... when I caught Lucas in this pose last week, I had a flashback moment to another child looking exactly the same. I ran for my camera and snapped a shot. So... can you tell the difference? scroll down for the answer!

Lillian is in the top photo- circa January 2004- she was 4 months old.
Lucas is the bottom photo- circa last week- he is 15 months old.


Sweet Simplicity said...

Before I even scrolled down to see what you were writing about, I thought what a cute picture of Lucas(of the first photo). They look so much alike!

Mindy said...

I love those flashback moments when you can capture them looking so much alike.

btw - I guessed right before reading the answers! yea me! lol.

Wyatt the Weiner said...

I could see Lucas' pacifier in the bottom picture! Dead giveaway!

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