Friday, March 20, 2009

My Collection

I've never been one to have a collection but I stumbled upon one without meaning to begin. Once I admitted that I had started collecting, I mentioned it to a few people and the collection grew quickly.

I collect cookie cutters. There. I said it. I have a collection. Let me share it with you!

This picture shows all of my cookie creations. Each one has a story and a memory. Is it like that with all people who collect items?
The red arrow points to a spring set by Martha Stewart. My mom bought these for my birthday this year. Directly behind the arrow is a set of circus animal cutters with a mix to make animal crackers. I am looking forward to trying this with my kids. Again, this was a gift from Mom. The cutters are darling ! Moving clockwise, the green arrow points to a set of 18 fall shapes. I bought this for 75% off after Halloween. The set includes a bat, a coffin, leaves, an apple, and many others related to autumn.

The Christmas shapes were a gift from a former student. The clover and rabbit were in Mom's birthday gift this year. The red bunny was found in an antique store in Guthrie on July 4th 2 years ago. It is made by Tupperware. I intend to find more like this because it reminds me of making cookies with my mom as a child. She had several red cutters in different shapes. Does anyone else remember doing that? Finally, the turkey was attached to a Thanksgiving towel my SIL, Sarah, gave me a year ago. She's always doing nice things like that!

Close up of the Martha Stewart cutters.

One do I store/display/organize these? Any ideas?


Mindy said...

ok, I'm just going to start calling you "martha jr!"

just kidding. it's great you enjoy baking so much.

My cookie cutter collection came in a set of 100 from wilton for like 10 bucks and only gets used for playdoh!

Amber said...

OK, so I had to go back and look at this post. Its been on my mind for a month. I collect cookie cutters, too. It started innocently enough, then exploded. So, I collect them in my pantry, in my closet, in the laundry room, in my drawers, etc. I have no idea what to do with them but I do use most of them. I was hoping you'd have gotten some great ideas that I could snag. Maybe I can find some ideas online. I'll get around to looking in my spare time-probably about 2028, when my cookie cutters have completely taken over every free inch of space.

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