Monday, March 16, 2009

Jacket In The Morning, Sunburn By Afternoon

Guthrie has 2 great parks located on opposite ends of town. Lillian calls one "The Duck Park" and the other one "The Swimming Pool Park." We visited "Swimming Pool Park" this morning for a walk around the pond and time for our toes in the sand.

We needed jackets for most of the morning. As I type, I am feeling the start of a sunburn gained from the 3 hours we spent in the backyard this afternoon. After searching all the cabinets, I discovered I did, in fact, throw away all the old sunscreen. Vitamin D overload today!


Amber said...

It looks like a great first day of spring break!

Melinda said...

It was so gorgeous today we too took advantage of the weather and headed to the park!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Lillian looks adorable with her short hair! Ty was so happy to see them over the weekend. We will need to make a trip to visit you guys soon. (If I can drag Ty away from studying! :))

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