Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Prairie Dogs and Leaves @Grammy and Granddad's

*Sorry! There are waaaay too many pictures but it was hard to narrow it to these!
Doing exactly what you should never do to a prairie dog hole- yes, she's a rule follower.
Look closely- he's in the background.
Lucas doesn't care for the bright sun or wind. And, yes, his hat and jacket don't match. I really need to remedy that to keep him with the Young family color scheme in the fall. Orange, orange, and orange!

I love the smoky look of this picture caused by the sun.

Nothing beats a tasty leaf!


Melinda said...

Those are some really great photos. And I have to say that your post just made me feel like the biggest city girl ever...I have no idea what a prairie dog or its hole looks like : ( (lol)

Amber said...

That looks so fun! But I am offended that Lucas was wearing a stripe of red on his hat. What are you doing to that child?

the.fortes said...

Haha...great shots! What is will babies around Lucas' age eating dried leaves? My other friend has to keep reviving her child who chokes on leaves!

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