Tuesday, November 11, 2008

4 Teeth and Counting

There are at least 4 teeth in there but you're taking a risk by sticking your finger in his mouth to check. Others are so close to busting through that you can see and feel the shape of each tooth.

(Are you seeing the recurring color scheme worn around our house?!)


Melinda said...

I was just thinking, "man, they wear a lot of orange" and then I read your last sentence - hehe : )

Mindy said...

me too! lol!

Amber said...

Teeth are dangerous on one-year olds (and near one year olds)! Almost all of us have war wounds from our little teether.

I'm a big fan of the orange theme. I've been wearing a lot of it myself. Unfortunately, I'm noticing that the Davis side of the family buys more for their teams than my side does. I'm putting OSU garb on our Christmas lists!

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