Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Curious George Consequences

When Brent came home this evening, Lillian's first order of business was to get him to help her with the pulley system they bought at Lowe's this weekend. She saw it on Curious George and insisted she needed one, too. They are outside right now, trying to rig it up from our patio to the neighbor's fence. I think they just discovered the rope was too short so Plan B is to go from the patio to the trampoline. Her next project is to get pvc pipe to make a periscope. PBS deserves my financial support for enhancing her creativity!


Amber said...

You guys are way better parents than I am. We've seen that pulley episode numerous times, and when the girls asked me to go get some I said, "Are you kidding me? No way! We need pulleys hooked up around here like we need a whole in our head." But then I see you guys learning about force, pull, and the power of physics. I feel lame.

PBS is also where my kids got the brilliant idea to glue newspaper to our cereal bowls in an attempt to do paper mache. At least I did try that.

The pulleys look fun, and I bet she learned a ton. Great job, guys!

Mindy said...

That's awesome! You gotta love George!

I am also highly impressed. When Cayden asks me to do something like that, my general response is "Yeah, that'd be really fun SOMETIME." Somehow we have avoided 'sometime' ever actually happening.

Roy B. Young said...

It's great to see dad and daughter having a fine time together. The time passes all too fast so take every opportunity to do things together and build great memories.

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