Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Warriors

Saturday was one of those days where the general attitude was "we're going to do something fun and everyone WILL have fun even if we're completely miserable." I think we nailed the completely miserable part! After a long week at school and several sleepless nights for various reasons, all members of the Young family were cranky and tired Saturday morning. Did we rest and hang around the house? No! After Lillian did some chores to put my energy back because I had to listen to whining, we loaded up for the promised trip to the zoo. We joined hundreds of other families, sweating and trying to act happy. Our crew lasted 1 hour then we beat it to McDonald's and home. The camera went along for a ride in the bag. Thankfully, Sunday was better and I had the energy to take a few pictures of their darling faces.


Melinda said...

Why do we as parents torture ourselves this way? Do we think we need to keep our kids entertained every second of every day? : )

The Davis Kids said...

We've had those days, too. Luckily, I've found that I only remember the good days (for the most part). I'm glad Sunday was better for you guys.

Sweet Simplicity said...

You guys are such movers and shakers! I don't know how you got out on Saturday after your long week! What a great mom!

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