Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Warriors Part 2

When we got home from Tulsa Sunday evening, we quickly changed clothes, unloaded the car, and reloaded ourselves for a quick fishing adventure at Guthrie Lake. Lillian and Brent bought worms at the corner store and she proudly carried her Barbie fishing pole and tackle box.

Brent baits the hook; Lillian coos at the worms.
Patiently waiting...

She got one! Her first fish was caught in a record time of less than 2 minutes! Get a good look at her face...she was as surprised as we were.

Proud fisherwoman
Lucas and I hung around- taking pictures, touching tree bark, and watching ants.

All in all, Lillian caught 3 fish within a very short amount of time and learned to cast the line herself. It was a success because she asked to go back today. Brent is thrilled!


Roy B. Young said...

What a great time you must have had watching her catch her first fish. Brent was a real fisherman from the beginning, learning to cast about the same time as his older brothers. Papa

kj said...

How come you don't look any older??? It kinda makes me wanna punch you! : ) ha ha ha

April Price said...

Hey Amy! Long time no see. I am glad I found your blog! Your kiddos are beautiful. What have you been up to?

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