Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sick Day

Lillian had to miss school Wednesday because of a fever so Lucas and I kept her company at home. She alternated between the couch and our bed, watching movies and sleeping. I pumped juice and vitamin C in her, trying to minimize the time out of school. At one point she felt well enough to play in a tent with Lucas.

After 24 hours and TLC, her fever was gone and she went back to school today. I guess several kids have been sick already. They've been there a week; just enough time to spread germs around the classroom.


The Davis Kids said...

Its rotten to be sick so early in the school year. I'm glad it was only 1 day! Good job nursing her back to health.

Sweet Simplicity said...

Poor Lillian! I'm glad it was only one day! It looks like Lucas enjoyed his day at home! He is growing so much!

Roy B. Young said...

Sorry that our little girl was sick, but glad it was only one day!

Is Lucas starting to crawl?

Hope to see you all this Labor Day.

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