Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Week

It's only Wednesday but it feels like it should be Friday already! I've had a whirlwind week between catching up at school (hard to do after a break) and coordinating efforts at home to prepare for the weekend (Brent will be hunting).

Part of the coordinating has to do with Lucas. Many of you know his battle with ear infections since entering day care in August (curses, curses). After the 3rd one, I insisted on being referred to an ENT (that's ear, nose, and throat) for tubes. We had the initial appointment today and, lo and behold, he has another infection. No surprise here. Sooooo.... he will be having tubes put in FRIDAY! Yes, Friday! I can't believe we are getting this done so quickly; I expected a longer wait. We will check in around 7 am Friday morning and should be done around 8:30. The trick will be keeping him distracted because he can't eat before the surgery. This is a routine procedure but prayers would be appreciated.


The Davis Kids said...

And its already Thursday!!! Do you need anything tomorrow? Lillian is welcome to come over if you need her to. Let me know what we can do.

Melinda said...

Lucas is in my prayers. I hope all goes as planned and that this finally cures those ear infections.

Chrisie said...

I LOVE tubes!!! They are little miracle workers. I will be thinking about you guys tomorrow. Lucas will feel sooooo much better and so will Mommy and Daddy.

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