Saturday, October 25, 2008


In the past, I have created awesome photo books on They come hard bound with beautiful pages and wonderful memories. However, the time it takes to organize and chronicle the events of our life takes more than I've had to give this year (I still haven't finished the 2007 book! Things got a little busy around Dec. 19 last year!).

What I want to do is turn my blog into a printed scrapbook as a memory of 2008. I haven't researched it that much myself so I'm turning to other bloggers out there who might have done the same thing and can offer some advice or a great site to visit. I know the blog is accessible online but the old timey part of me wants something I can hold in my hand and look back on the fun stuff we did this year. The whole purpose of this blog was to capture the everyday stuff, not just the holidays and special events.

Any thoughts?


the.fortes said...

I think I remember Summer Lashley talking about doing that. I am not sure if this is the site or not, but I typed in "blog into scrapbook" in google and this came up.

Suzanne said... is what I'm using....

I'm doing a book for each year I've blogged. I started in 9/05 so I am going back and filling in so that it is a complete year - it's the year Jax was born.

Blurb is easy to use - I love it!

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