Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Both kids had checkups today. Lillian had a surprise when she learned she would get 2 shots after I had promised that she wouldn't get any today. She got a flu shot and chickenpox booster. That cost me a treat from Target for the feeding of misinformation! Lucas had a flu shot as well.

Basically, Doc said to make sure there was a basketball goal in the driveway because we grow 'em tall!

Lillian: Weight-50 lbs (95% of other kids her age) and Height- 48 in (off the charts!)

Lucas: Weight- 19 lbs, 2 oz (25%- some concern with low weight but is probably due to constant antibiotics which, hopefully, tubes will fix) and Height-31 in (97%)


Sweet Simplicity said...

I can't believe Lillian is 48 in. tall! It won't be too long from now and she will be as tall as me. I need to call my mom and ask her how old I was when I was around 48 in. I bet it was like the 5th or
6th grade. I am such a shorty! (especially in this family!)

the.fortes said...

Lillian is SO tall. I was thinking that last night when she was playing on the floor. I bet she is taller than a lot of 7 year olds! It makes me think she is older than she is.

The Davis Kids said...

Your kids are TALL!! Lucas is 2 inches taller than Kate! She went in for her 1 yr check up on Wednesday and she was 29 inches. That's only 50%. She is the shortest & lightest of my 3. I'm not sure if Grace is 48 inches yet, and I'm pretty sure she is under 50 lbs. When are you going to start Y Basketball with her?

At least they are healthy (for the most part). That is really what is important.

Sorry about the shots! That's never fun! Maybe Lillian won't need anymore for a while. I think Grace got her chicken pox booster at 5 yrs and hasn't had anymore since.

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