Monday, December 1, 2008

Putting Up The Tree

The finished product
Since moving to our new house 3 years ago, we have decorated 2 trees. One went in our formal living area, as you see in this picture, and one in the family room. The formal tree had the matching ornaments and could be seen from the street through the front door. It is a "show" tree. The family room tree held the memory ornaments. My mother-in-law, Charlotte, purchased an ornament or decoration for each of her boys every year so they would have a collection when they left home. Those ornaments adorned the tree as well as ornaments I have purchased for Lillian and now Lucas. When we vacation, I buy an ornament from that city or state to remember the trip.
This year, we only decorated one tree. All reasons come back to safety for Lucas and the trees. I figured keeping him away from one tree would be tricky enough. The baby gate is only a distraction. He can sneak between the legs of the piano bench and get back there if he wants to.
There is something magical about the lights of a Christmas tree.


Sweet Simplicity said...

That is a beautiful tree! So tall and full. Good luck keeping Lucas away from it!

Heidi said...

Your tree is so pretty!

Melinda said...

I love that you have a baby gate around the tree! Maybe I should think about doing that. PS - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Breakfast At Tiffany's art on your wall!

Chrisie said...

The tree looks great.

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