Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kirkpatrick Christmas 2008

We headed to Elgin Tuesday afternoon to start our Christmas adventure. Ty, Lindsey, and Heather were already there and, of course, Trace, Sarah, and Nathan weren't far away. We traditionally have our Christmas on Christmas Eve morning with stockings, a big breakfast, and tons of gifts. Here is my parent's tree with presents galore!
Granddad Doug with Lucas, Nathan in the carrier, and Grammy with Lillian

Lillian with her "stash"

Lucas opens a gift with help.
Grandma Loretta and Granddad Connie with Nathan, Lucas, and Lillian

Santa made a stop on Christmas Eve before heading out for the big trip around the world. Lillian knew he was coming so she colored him a picture. You should have seen her eyes! He came walking up the front yard, ringing a bell and carrying a big sack.
He brought her a special gift all the way from the North Pole!

Christmas Day sported beautiful weather so everyone went outside to enjoy it. Granddad took Lillian to feed the cows and both kids helped feed horses.

Trace, Sarah, and Nathan came over for lunch. Sarah had spent the previous afternoon and evening in the hospital so we were all glad to spend some time with them. After lunch, we packed up and headed to Apache. More of that in the next post...


Sweet Simplicity said...

It was so nice to spend a couple of days with you guys. It was a great Christmas!

Melinda said...

I love that Santa came to visit you all on Christmas Eve! We tried to arrange that but it just never quite panned out. So glad you had such a wonderful holiday.

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