Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas #1

We celebrated our first Christmas of the season at Grandma Joyce and Granddad Ernest's house Sat. night. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and spent time visiting and playing with babies. Of course, my camera was trained on Lucas trying to get a picture of him walking. I never had the camera ready at the right moment and/or he wouldn't oblige. He is taking 8-10 steps at a time and is getting very sure on his feet. Here are some of his antics while waiting for Lillian to let him in the bedroom to play:

"If you won't let me in, I'll wait here until you come out!"
"I think I'll try a somersault while I'm waiting.""That didn't go quite like I'd planned."
"After all that waiting, she comes out to tickle me!"


Amber said...

Those are some cute pictures! Good job, Lucas, on walking!

And about my gingerbread house post, I might need to clarify- the whole thing was a kit. We just stuck it together & decorated it. I'm not about to undertake the whole bake, cut, decorate project. At least not yet!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Such a cute post! I'm sure he will be running around when we see him next weekend.

Chrisie said...

Love the action shots. Looking forward to the bday party Sat.

Melinda said...

Oh my - he is about to be into EVERYTHING. It is sooo much fun though. : )

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