Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Past 24 Hours

Monday, 2:30 PM- Teaching a stimulating lesson to pre-AP students about the proper usage of commas (gag) when a note is delivered by the perky office aide- "Lucas has fever of 103, call day care."

2:35 PM- quickly finish lesson without letting them see my panic and assign 5 problems to be completed by the bell (2:45) so I can rush out and call.

2:40 PM- the worst is confirmed with day care, promise to pick up kid within 20 minutes; call doctor and get an appt. for 5 PM

2:45 PM- bell rings; I rush out before the students

3:30 PM- both kids are picked up and we are home; carry a fussy baby around for an hour, waiting for Brent to get home.

4:40 PM- Brent is home to stay with Lillian; I rush out the door with Lucas

5:00 PM- Dr. C confirms it is probably viral (argghhh!)and recommends Lucas stay home tomorrow (another argghhhh!) Oh, his fever is a mere 98.9 at the dr. office.

Spend the next few hours trying to decide "do I keep him home and miss another day of school (at this rate, I'll be out of sick days by Christmas!) or dose him with Motrin (I've done it before!) and send him on?!?!?!

8:00 PM- baby in bed with fever of 100 and fussy

10:36 PM-11:45 PM- constant waking, still fussy, still fever

11:46 PM- finally give in and give Tylenol

11:50PM- call sub system and prepare to miss school Tuesday

Periodic waking through the night which culminates with me rising at 5:45 AM to go to school to get out sub plans.

6:30AM- return home to everyone awake, Lucas is crying with MAJOR green snot coming out of his nose. Promptly wipe nose (btw- hubby is calming dressing for work)

6:32 AM check temp- no fever. Wait, is that right?!! Check again- yep, no fever.

7-7:45AM- dress children and fix breakfast, leave to take Lillian to school

8:15AM - return home with Sonic breakfast and Lucas, who still has no fever, is acting perfectly normal.

9:07 AM- baby sleeping peacefully (no fever) and mom is tired, stressed, and probably missed a day of school for nothing.

Whoever invented viruses had a sick sense of humor.


Sweet Simplicity said...

No fun! Poor Lucas. I love that Brent was calmly getting ready for work! Oh, dads--they seem to have it so easy sometimes!

the.fortes said...

:( Mommy should take a nap:). Take it from someone who knows!!! I hope he feels better. I love it..Brent calmly dressing for work. I understand the frustration! At least he is a good dad. That is what I tell myself as Jonathan hands fussy baby to me so he can go biking.:)

Wyatt the Weiner said...

Don't give Sarah any ideas about staying from work!

Melinda said...

Men just have NO clue....: )

Suzanne said...

what a crazy day! I hope you enjoyed your relaxing day off!!

The Davis Kids said...

I'm so sorry. I can totally relate. And the stress of missing a day of work totally cancels out any relaxing you might fit in. I hope Lucas is completely well by now and you're getting a great night of sleep. I'll be thinking of you.

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