Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our Week

When school started again in August, I quickly lost my "free time" to do things just for me. One of those was taking pictures and posting on the blog. Now, I can barely make more than 1 post a week! Our evenings seem so short even with the great hours I enjoy as a teacher. We spend most of the time eating, cleaning, or getting ready for the next day. Here is a sampling of what Lillian and Lucas have been up to this week:

Finding pieces of food dropped from previous meals...
"Is she looking? Do I dare?"
"Yep, she sees me and she has a camera but I'm going for it!"
"I did it! I can play with the dirty cups in the dishwasher!"
Another picture with no shirt...
That big piece of orange glop on his head is a smashed carrot. That explains the lack of clothing.

If you look closely, you can see the beginning of curls on the back of his head!

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Sweet Simplicity said...

I see little teeth in the first picture. He looks like he is going to be onry!

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