Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Been Awhile...

Over the past few days, I've taken pictures but haven't found the time to download and post on the blog with the sickness and general craziness that is normal around our house. Here is a sampling of the past 2 weeks:
Lillian poses with her "Chia Pet" ladybug from Uncle Trace and Aunt Sarah.
Visit from Grandma Joyce and Granddad Ernest

Just because he's cute!
Lillian feeding Lucas (the spoon appears to be halfway down his throat!)
Oklahoma sunset from our drivewayCrawling is the best!


Melinda said...

The "crawling" picture is the best!

I hope Lucas is feeling better and that maybe you can return to "normal" life tomorrow.

The Pink Potpourri said...

GREAT pictures! i love/miss those oklahoma sunsets. they're just not the same out here. glad you got to have some quality family time!

Sweet Simplicity said...

That sunset is gorgeous! Lucas is such a cutie! Lillian, too!

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