Sunday, June 15, 2008

Obligatory Father's Day Post

Here it is- after reading my blogging friends' posts regarding today, I decided to do the same. I am married to the most wonderful man ever; he is patient and understanding when I really want to rip a certain 4 year old's head right off her body. While Lillian is certainly a "daddy's girl", Lucas has a deep fascination with Brent that will one day mean father/son hunting and fishing adventures. He watches intently as Brent does things like read the paper or putter around. I may be his primary caretaker now but the day will come when dear ole Dad will get the glory for being Lucas's favorite. Lillian already gives Brent the title of "favorite parent." Like I said, he is more understanding of her 4-going-on-14 attitude. He is always willing to jump on the trampoline, play CandyLand, or swing someone around like a helicopter. As I type, Lillian and Brent are involved in a game of hide-n-seek. Here's to the greatest Dad ever- Happy Father's Day, sweetheart!
Our Father's Day gift

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