Saturday, June 14, 2008


The kids and I were homebound for 3 days while our vehicle had some work done to it before the factory warranty expired. It's a long story(as it always is with car work) but the job took a day longer than necessary. Anywho, Day 1 (Wednesday) was fine and dandy. We were plenty busy organizing and doing laundry- who doesn't want to spend all day doing that?!?! Day 2 started to get hairy but we did some cool things like created Lillian an art gallary space outside the laundry room to hang her creations. Day 3 (Friday) we were flat out bored. Outside was okay for awhile, I had NO motivation to do any housework (what's the point? It just gets dirty again!), and there was general unrest among the tribe. Did I mention how much blog stalking I did this week? Check out Lindsey's new blog; she just kicked it off last week and it looks great! It is one thing to choose to stay at home but another entirely to be forced to do so!

All is right with the world... vehicle was picked up yesterday evening.

During the past week, Brent has been working on a MAJOR project in our kitchen (it involves electricity and late night cutting of drywall after the kids are in bed). I completed a MINOR project in the music room i.e. our formal living room. Pics will be posted soon!

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The Davis Kids said...

You guys are so much more efficient and interesting than we are. If we stay home for three days straight, there is much lying around, cookie consuming and general laziness. You're impressive!

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