Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How We Spent A Rainy Day

Since a deluge of rain cancelled swimming lessons this morning, I decided to load up and head to the mall. We checked out the new Forever 21 store- clothes I would soooo wear if I wasn't 30 with 2 kids. I was probably the oldest person in the store. We hit The Children's Place for some great deals and I found awesome steals at New York & Company. Dress pants in a size tall for $7.99?!?! I couldn't pass it up.
Lillian reading a book to Lucas while waiting to go to the mall. Lucas is about to take a big ole bite of the front cover!
Hanging out in the tent we made in the living room. Yes, it is coming down tonight.

Everyone came home happy!

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The Davis Kids said...

They look about 100x better than my kids when we return home from the mall. Impressive.

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