Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break: Part 1

Our Spring Break hasn't been exotic or glamorous but we have done A LOT in 5 days! So much that it will take 2 posts to document all of it. We tackled several house projects the first 2 days with Brent around to help. Our living room had a major transformation! Watch for a post soon on that one. Here is part of our day Wednesday:

We've had to investigate new parks and we found this one in Fletcher. Great walking trail and pond but the kids mostly liked the playground.

Thursday: we went to Cheyenne to visit my grandparents, Connie and Loretta. Grandma is doing great and we all enjoyed the day and the 90+ degree temps. Lillian and Lucas came home dirty and exhausted! Granddad fed Lucas' desire to go fast on the 4-wheeler!

It's been a great week; I even met up with my college roomie and friend who lives in Lawton. We live so close but never see each other. It was good to catch up. Good friends are the ones you pick up right where you left off as if it hasn't been a year since you've seen each other. She has a photography business here.

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