Monday, March 10, 2008

Kaptain Kodak

Here are pics of the weekend:

No exciting trips this weekend; just hanging out at home. Brent got his new camera so we played with it, taking pictures of the kids, a bird, the yard, etc. It may be hard to tell a difference in the quality of pictures on the blog but I am amazed at the technology of this camera. We were living in the Dark Ages with a 2 megapixel dinosaur!

The time change was a wonderful thing at our house! Lucas slept 11 hours Sat. night- it would have been 12 without the change. Last night, he slept 10. I think it's safe to say he is sleeping through the night. He was one hungry little boy when he woke up this morning! I'm feeling so rested, I don't know what to do with the excess energy. With the beautiful weather predicted this week, I plan to channel some of it to the yard and flower beds. Brent marked off a spot in the backyard for a rose garden. Looks like that is the next project!


Lindsey said...

Lucas is getting so big! The pic of him smiling is so cute! We really need to make a trip down there to see you guys. We will miss you all Easter weekend. I'm sure we will see pictures of the kids all dressed up. :)
I keep Ty updated on all the new things going on in the Young household via the blog.

Lindsey said...

Oh and tell Brent the pictures look great. I can tell a difference between the new pictures and the old ones. Everything is so clear.

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