Wednesday, March 19, 2008

From The Mouth of a 4 Year Old

Lillian wants to get bunk beds when Lucas gets older and talks about how fun it will be. She recently decided that she will get the top bunk. Then, she added a new twist. "When we have a baby sister, let's get triplet beds!"

First of all, no guarantees on a sister (or a brother for that matter)

Secondly, if it means they will all sleep through the night, I'm all for it!

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The Davis Kids said...

Grace was leading us down that road, so we opted for the twin bed over a full bed. Grace has the top bunk, Claire has the bottom, and when Kate is old enough, she'll sleep down there with Claire. Of course, that would necessitate all of them getting out of my bed. But, I'm like you, as long as they are all sleeping, I don't care!

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