Monday, January 28, 2008

What a Week!

Did we catch a smile? I think so! Lillian has been caught carrying Lucas down the hall when she thinks we haven't responded to his cries in a timely fashion.
Lillian's kitchen is the source of daily playtime. She cooks very well but the clean-up part is in the works. We get the whole restuarant experience because she asks that you sit down, hands you a menu, and writes your order on a notepad. The imagination of a 4 year old is astonding!
Saturday morning, 10a.m.: Lucas is still sound asleep. He woke at 7 then went back to sleep for another nap. If only Lillian would have done that...
Saturday afternoon: Birthday party for friend Briana Crick in Cashion, OK.
We celebrated Brent's brithday Sat. night with dinner at Kang's. Heather and Jesse came to babysit and everyone survived! No pictures of these events; everyone was too busy. Heather and Jesse did a good job because Lucas slept until 4a.m. without waking. He was worn out!

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