Friday, January 18, 2008

Our Week in Review

Lillian has an entire collection of small Beanie animals that she plays with everyday. They are put to bed every night and then make an appearance the next morning. She builds houses for them and puts them in shapes to make letters (creativity at it's finest!) Lucas doesn't do much but hang out when he's awake. This week he smiled at Lillian- it was a big toothless grin! I'm trying to capture it on film. No luck yet.

Friday: We met Carsten Coffman at McDonald's for a playdate. Of course, Jennifer and the twins, Cohen and Teegin, were there. Lucas slept the whole time.

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The Davis Kids said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! I'm thrilled to see your day-to-day life. You're doing a great job.

Just a couple of comments: first, Lillian & Carsten looks SO OLD! It may be because its a close-up of their face, or the fact that they really are just getting big. Wow-they are growing up fast.

Also, all summer we went to garage sales searching for beanie babies. The girls have a pretty good collection, too, and play with them a lot. Its so funny that these toys were supposed to be worth thousands of dollars by now, but for us they are just a lot of fun.

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