Monday, April 11, 2011

Mr. Handyman

Our evenings have been spent working on this project: assembling a playset for Lillian and Lucas. Why didn't we pay to have it assembled?? Well, the $600 price tag for assembly was more than 1/2 the cost of the whole thing so we opted for the traditional approach- dad puts it together. My job has mainly been organization and hardware location.
This is what we started with... X 10! There were so many pieces!

At the time I published this post, more was completed of it but this was the most recent picture. The main missing part is the the part with the 3 swings and the rock wall. Hopefully, a picture of the completed project with be coming soon! There are 36 steps to the assembly and we're on step 27. Some steps only require 1 piece; others require 25 + pieces. We're hoping the time spent on it now will payoff when we can shoo the kids outside to play and not return 10 minutes later saying "we're bored!"

Wish us luck!

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