Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Boy And His Boots

A story for you:

Last year, Lucas got a pair of boots from Grammy and Granddad for his birthday. He loved those boots and wore them everywhere last winter. When summer arrived, he switched to flip-flops, and the boots remained in the closet, waiting to be worn again. His new friends at his new school wore boots everyday- even if it was 100 degrees. Lucas, wanting to be like his friends, asked to wear his boots again, usually with shorts and a t-shirt. Around October, the boots started to look like this:

The toes were scuffed, the leather worn, and a small hole appeared in the toe. That hole grew and grew until his socks were visible. The boots that were once square toed were now rounded and splitting from daily use.

Being the good parents we were (are), we decided to buy him another pair (on sale) and wait until his 3rd birthday in the hopes that it would be too cold to play outside and, hopefully, preserve the new pair for warmer weather. While the new boots waited in the closet, his old boots continued to fall apart. The heels wore down, the stitching split, and the holes in the toes grew.
Finally the birthday weekend arrived and the new boots were given! They have already seen their share of wear. I managed to take a picture last week before too much damage was done.

The old boots will be treasured, a symbol of the passing of time and a little boy's love for his boots.

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Sweet Simplicity said...

I loved seeing him in those old, worn out boots. It definitely represented him!

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