Sunday, March 21, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training

This is how Lucas has spent the past 3 days (except he usually has a shirt on): wearing big boy underwear!

Isn't this the cutest tush ever?!?!
We started somewhat accidently(no pun intended!) but quickly realized he "gets it" and decided to stick with it. The unexpected weather has caused us to be home and inside more than I anticipated so it worked perfectly with getting the potty training going.

Lucas has only had 4 accidents in 3 days- pretty good in my book! After doing it with 2 kids, my opinion is that going straight to underwear/panties is the key to potty training. Pull-ups or whatever only slow the process. It also helps to have a big sister willing to participate in the learning long as she gets Skittles, too!

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