Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween '09

We enjoyed Halloween with good friends and family. We invited Thompson, Bode, Cooper, and Cole over for ribs, pumpkin coloring, and trick or treating.

Lillian was Batgirl and, coincidently, Thompson was Batman. They made a dashing pair as they raced around the neighborhood, leaving the little ones behind.

from LtoR: Cole(dinosaur), Lucas(Batman), Lillian(Batgirl), Thompson(Batman), Bode(Thomas), Cooper(Percy)

Little Batman bravely trekked from house to house, clutching his bucket of candy.


Trace and Sarah said...

How fun! I love Thomas and Percy, those are adorable. And Lillin looks great, how funny that the bat theme was so well represented!

the.fortes said...

So adorable! Love the pictures! We will be by on Thanksgiving morning but we assumed you would be in Apache. I am going to be in town with Cole sometime between Tgiving and Christmas... I am sure there will be opportunities to see you all nowthat WE'RE BACK, BABY (well, on the 20th officially).
I can't believe Lucas's hair! How old he looks (and how much like Lillian)!

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