Monday, July 21, 2008

Lucas 7 months

Lucas turned 7 months on Sat. Here he is in a pile of pillows on a hotel bed.
- No teeth but still drooling like they should be here soon
-Today he pulled up on a tub of toys! Yikes!
-Has tried a french fry and gummed a cucumber slice
-Has decided he definitely doesn't like green vegetables!
-Wants to keep up with mobile kids sooo badly!
-Loves his walker, especially when he has lots of room to move like the driveway
-Reaches out for someone when he wants to be held
-Makes all kinds of sounds and noises like he's "talking"


The Davis Kids said...

He looks so big in this picture!

Green vegetables are on the bad list of everyone under 4 at my house.

The Brown Box said...

He looks so much older in that picture!

the.fortes said...

I agree...he looks way older in that picture!!!:) They are both adorable children!

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